Why do I need a Wedding Planner if my venue has provided one?

Why do I need a Wedding Planner if my venue has provided one?

All too often, you will hear brides saying, “I don’t need a wedding planner. The venue function coordinator can take care of everything.”
What many brides do not understand is that venue coordinators are there for the venue alone, not for you.

Wedding CoordinatorSimply put, a venue coordinator looks out for the venue’s best interest while the wedding planner looks out for your best interest as the bride.

A venue coordinator will deal with all the things that have something to do with the venue, such as the setup, food, and others.

On the other hand, your wedding planner will take charge of every single aspect of the venue, including the setup, and will see to it that everything follows through your specifications.


If your wedding ceremony is held at a different location other than the venue, your wedding planner will be there right by your side, but the venue function coordinator will not be. In case the ceremony is held at the venue, venue coordinators help in coordinating the entire ceremony.

Your wedding planner will be there to guide you in every step of the way, day and night. They will be the one to tell you when things are going to take place during the event, like the cutting of the cake, the toasts, bouquet toss and other important aspects of the wedding.

Many wedding planners will even stay until the very end of the wedding and all your guests have gone home.

As for venue coordinators, they only stay until the meal has been served and more often than not, they leave right after. Some may also stay until the cake has been cut and served but they will not stay by your side the whole time.

While the venue function coordinators will do their very best to make you happy, there is very little chance that they will get involved if your bustle accidentally breaks, or you cannot find your lip gloss or it is time to load up all your gifts.

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Tell-Tale Signs That You Need a Wedding Planner

Many couples today choose to plan the wedding on their own and completely skip hiring a professional wedding planner. But today, this is no longer practical. Here are some questions that will let you know if you need to hire a wedding planner as soon as possible.

  • Do you have any idea of the place where you want to get married?Celebrations With TLC Wedding Planner
  • Can you take calls at work, meet with vendors and discuss the details of your wedding at the office?
  • Did your family and friends volunteer to help in your wedding planning?
  • Are you a punctual person who can write and follow all schedules properly?
  • Do your friends label you as someone who is extremely organized?
  • Do you find it fun to plan a party?
  • Is your fiancé going to have a hand in planning the wedding?

If most of these questions got a NO as an answer, then, you better start interviewing wedding planners before you even start to make any plans for your big day.


Happy Planning!


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