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Wedding Planning 101

What is the most important thing you need to remember when planning your wedding?

There are only three things you need to make your wedding perfect!

How can that be, you ask? Your planning list has at least 25 items on it right? But does it have the three most important things that you cannot possibly get married without? Would it surprise you to know that only one of them costs money?

Yes! You can get married for under $1000!

Remember, I am your wedding planner. I am not a stylist, I am not a venue manager, I am not a sales person. I am here not only to make sure that you plan the perfect party, but to make sure you actually get married.

Celebrations With TLC Wedding Planner
So here it is. You cannot get married without:

1. A partner.

Preferably the love of your life, who you really do want to spend the rest of your life with. When it comes down to it, this is about marriage not just a wedding.

2. Two witnesses.

They must be over 18 to legally witness the signing of your marriage certificate and they must know you.

3. A marriage celebrant.

Whether they are a religious minister of any denomination or a civil celebrant, the rules are the same. They are the one most important person you must book, or you cannot get married.

These three things may be really obvious once you know them, but you would be surprised at how many people neglect at least one, or leave it until the last minute. Everything else is just trimmings.

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What do we have to do?

Under Australian marriage law, your marriage celebrant must meet you in person more than a month before the proposed wedding date and sight your original birth certificates, record of previous marriages/divorces/deaths and your current legal identification. They will then ask you to sign a Notice of Intention To Marry and lodge it on your behalf.

If you want to get married in less than a month, you must apply for and receive special permission. This is usually only granted in very special circumstances and not just because you forgot to book a celebrant until two weeks before your wedding date.

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How much does it cost?

If you plan to get married in a church, usually the cost of minister/priest/pastor/etc will be included in the church hire, or they will accept a donation to the church. If you are looking for a civil celebrant, be prepared to pay anywhere between $450 and $1500. Even going to the registry office will cost you more than $500.

Civil celebrants are now required by law to pay an annual membership fee and do a minimum amount of professional development each year. They will meet with you in person, help you create a personalised ceremony, attend your wedding and lodge all your paperwork. Please do not under value the service that they provide.

Celebrations With TLC Wedding Planner

Happy Planning!


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