Should you be responsible for feeding your photographer?

I have been seeing plenty of uproar today over a blog about which professionals you hire for your wedding should be fed at the reception. The original blog stated that while your wedding planner should be fed, your photographers should bring their own food unless it a destination wedding.
I find this to be an extreme generalisation, as most blogs are I suppose. They seem to forget that every wedding is different and requires different things from their suppliers.
For example, if your photographer is only staying or the first hour of the reception to take shots of a mock cake cutting and your grand entrance, then you probably don’t need to feed them. But if they have been with you since noon and are staying through the entire reception, it is good manners to offer them a meal. A DJ on the other hand, while working through the reception may be happy to eat early and not need a meal if they don’t start until 7pm.
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We understand that you are spending a large amount of money on this one day, and everyone wants to cut their costs where they can. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to pay for them as if they were a guest. Crew meals are usually only the main course plus non-alcoholic drinks. This should cost you between $20 and $45 (depending on the caterer and value of your package).

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The best thing to do is talk to each of the professionals when you book them. Consider how long their shift is and ask them what their expectations are. These are the people who are making your perfect day happen, and the last thing you want is any negative feelings between you over something as simple as food.

Happy Planning!


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