Planning a Wedding in a hurry

Planning a Wedding in a Hurry

Planning a wedding on a short time frame is something we are quite used to here at Celebrations With TLC. I just pulled together a wedding in exactly two months from the day I met the bride and groom and my fastest wedding so far was bringing it together in only five weeks for an interstate couple. Even the wedding I planned in Honiara was done in less than five months.


Wedding PlannerPutting together a wedding in a short time frame is very possible, but giving yourself enough time can be very important.

Do you want to be spending every waking minute thinking about the wedding, or do you want to leave some time to focus on your relationship too?

If you are so excited that you cannot possibly wait, here are my top tips for planning a wedding in a hurry:


1:   Your celebrant must sight your ID and complete a Notice of Intention to Marry at least one month before the wedding. You cannot get married in less than a month unless you receive a special dispensation for shorting the time frame. They don’t give permission to just anyone for a quick wedding so make sure you have a very good reason before asking.


Wedding Planning Services2:   Many vendors and suppliers book out up to a year in advance. You may have to contact a lot of businesses before you find the one that are available when you need them. This means you may have to settle for less than the best, but a good planner has an extensive list of quality suppliers to call on.


3:   You have very little time to shop around. Comparing prices and services is going to be very difficult if you don’t have time to research and negotiate the best deal. Again, a good planner can help bring you options, but you may not be able to see everything before you have to decide.


kate-middleton-chooses-a-wedding-dress14:   Wedding dresses take months to make or order. If you find the perfect dress but need to order it in your size, it can take five to eight months for it to come in (not including alterations). Most designer gowns will take three to six months if they are being made in Australia and this includes your fittings and alterations. If you are buying off the rack, you still need to allow time for alterations, but this can be done in weeks rather than months.


5:   Make time to plan the marriage as well as the wedding. Getting married in a hurry may give you a wedding on a special date, or make it happen before you move or have a baby, or just because you have been engaged for years and don’t want to delay any longer. Whatever the reason, make sure you take time to discuss the important stuff that comes after the wedding; Where are you going to live? Are you going to buy a house? Do you both want to have kids and how soon? How will you handle the finances?

Don’t be afraid to book a session with a relationship counsellor. They don’t just help when a relationship is failing, they can guide you on the right path to strengthening a good relationship and ensuring that it will last through the tough decisions ahead.

Wedding Planning Services

If you are not rushed, try to allow yourself at least one year between engagement and wedding day. Plan out your progress and set aside a few weekends just for you and your partner.


Happy Planning!


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